1. 05 May, 2018 1 commit
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  5. 16 Jun, 2017 2 commits
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      Update Gradle to 4.0 · 42229adf
      Mushrooms authored
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      lots of cleanup, read below · 8b91faeb
      Michael Elnajami authored
      added field to properly reference networkclient
      moved config from IAGame to its own file
      moved effect from Renderer to its own file
      moved fastrandom from Renderer to its own file
      made some variables public because of an issue with accessing the fields from another package
      changed constructor of graphics to pass Config instead of the pack and useatlas booleans.
      added field to properly reference clientmessageprocessor
      added isConnected function
      added field to properly reference clientmessageprocessor, renderer, and networkclient. (then adjusted the rest of the code accordingly).
      an absract class that implements gdx.Screen which new screens will extend.
      adopted the code for the main menu from renderer into its own class that extends IAScreen
      adopted the code for the server browser from renderer into its own class that extends IAScreen
      added a screen that is set when it is time for artemis odb world to be created. it handles processing the odbworld.
      used to store renderStarfield, onJoinSubmit, and renderPlayerNotice functions that are used in mainmenuscreen and serverbrowserscreen. name could be changed
      added fields to properly reference networkclient and clientmessageprocessor.
      moved Effect and FastRandom class out.
      deleted all functions that were no longer need due to them being adopted in screens.
      removed unused resetspritebatch function.
      replaced the renderplayernotice function with the one that is in CommonGUI
      replaced all instanced of "game_ref.renderer" with just "this" (i cant believe this was all over in renderer)
      changed IAGame to extend Game instead of ApplicationAdapter (this basically just gives us the ability to set a screen)
      moved config class out
      no longer define renderer and odbworld in create function. (now is done in GameScreen.java)
      set screen to MainMenuScreen on create()
      changed connect and handleioexception function to support setting screen
      replaced the renderplayernotice function with the one that is in CommonGUI
      added a way for IAGame to call resize, pause, resume, and render functions for screen.
      adjucted loaddata function to also load the graphicsmap
      removed the functions that set and got booleans from renderer (i adjusted the code in inputcontroller.java accordingly)
      other things that went along with moving odbworld out
      removed a bunch of fields that were no longer needed
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  10. 22 Jul, 2016 2 commits
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      Add gradle-wrapper.jar to git-lfs · 9876cb34
      Mushrooms authored
      Last commit I told git-lfs to handle .jar files
      and forgot this one existed and now it wants it.
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      Integrate ProGuard for obfuscation · 41798b5a
      Mushrooms authored
      There are now two distributions defined for each of client and server.
      The "normal" one processes client.jar/server.jar with ProGuard,
      while the "unobfuscated" one doesn't.
      The default distribution tasks (installDist, assembleDist, distZip, distTar)
      have been overwritten to produce both distributions at once.
      The recommended command to produce a build is "gradlew distZip".
  11. 04 Jul, 2016 1 commit